Dream Big Dance! A gorgeous digitally printed panel, designed by by Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero for Hoffman Fabrics.
And it IS big…approximately 46″ x 42″. Just dream of what you could do with all those beautiful swirls!!!

dream big  

Janice Payne, a long arm quilter, had lots of fun, planning and quilting her panel. So we asked her if those of us who quilt on a domestic sewing machine could quilt this one too.

Yes this can definitely be done on a domestic machine.  In fact this is something I wanted to try as well.  

The key for me is planning out what I want to quilt and having a visual helps me.  I have a drawing app that I use and draw on a photo of the quilt.  (Cobwebs: we’re thinking you could also take a photo, print it and draw right on it, without an app). There are so many ways this can be quilted. Echoing the arches/swirls would be awesome. And by echoing, I mean quilting on the arch then echoing the same quilted arch by quilting a 1/4” away from it. This gives dimension. I’d also have some areas heavily quilted and others not, again giving dimension.

For quilting on a domestic machine, basting the layers together whether with pins or thread is a must and using gloves when sewing would be ideal. Once basted, use a water soluble pen to mark the panel with any quilting designs you want.  This is a good way to do feathers until you get good doing them free hand.  Using stencils and a chalk pounce is a great idea too. 

It is quite a big panel so working from the middle out will definitely help with any fullness.  

The advice I’d give anyone would be to just go for it.  There is no right way or wrong way to quilt this panel.  Matching threads will help hide the oops and using a busy backing will also help with that as well.  Playing with threads and quilting designs is fun!”

Here’s Janice’s result (her panel had borders added):


At the time of this article, we have the panel in three colourways AND on sale so grab one and unleash your imagination! Remember to send us your finished project… you know we just LOVE Show n Tell. Here’s a link to the panel and some of the quilting aids that Janice mentioned:
Dream Big Dance panel
Machine Quilting Gloves
Basting Pins
Pounce Pad