Sometimes we quilters need to take a break and do something that doesn’t land on a bed. One way is to dig through our closets and see what we’re not using anymore that is just begging to have a makeover. And not necessarily a makeover to a different piece of clothing!

One of our customers, Julie C, shared her inspiration from the closet:

“We all have those inherited old fur coats and leather jackets that were too good to throw out, but will we wear them?  Nope.  

This is my late mother’s leather car coat that didn’t fit any of us, but it was her favourite and we didn’t have the heart to give it away.  My great niece, Norah (aka little bear) & my mother’s namesake, is a special needs baby and she turned 2 on the weekend.  I took my mom’s coat and turned it into a little bear for “our little bear”.  She still needs to be dressed up but I think she turned out pretty great for someone that hasn’t sewn anything in about 20 years.  

I’m really happy with how she turned out.”

Wow, Julie, how cute is she! We bet Norah loved her little bear. Reminds Deb of when her cousin turned Deb’s grandmother’s cloth coat into toys for the nieces.

How have you worked your magic to sew clothes into something completely different? You know we love to share so send us your stories and your photos to