What is Cobwebs and Caviar?

We are an online quilting supplies store in Ontario with lots of bits and giggles to get your juices flowing 

What are we about?

About 5′ 3-1/2” and somewhere over 50 but still mentally 24….  No? Ohhhhh, this is the section where we give you a little info on the quirks & giggles that are distinctly Cobwebs! And we don’t believe quilting should be serious! It’s your time to yourself or with a friend…or a bevy of friends! It’s when the endorphins fire away because you are doing something that feeds your creativity and makes your soul sing! Or giggle…or chuckle…or swear…(I want a line of fabric that is all swear words! Maybe it’s time to make my own!).

Oh and we love quilt fabric…all fabric….all types, all themes, all colours (except peach…I really don’t like peach…but I am learning), sometimes even all blends (linen & cotton-yum!) We don’t discriminate! And we don’t have any particular preference other than whatever tickles my fancy! In fact we love ANYTHING that allows us to be creative & play!

We have online tutorials, a You tube channel with our quilt classes, live events on Facebook & we are hoping to do some pop up shops, more retreats & maybe when this poop we are mired in starts to clear, we will be found at the odd quilt show & guild night.

That being said, check out our website for the latest quilt fabrics, notions, inspiration, our gallery of pics from our amazing customers….our FREE tutorials & upcoming events….

AJ from Cobwebs and Caviar

We ship our fabulous fabrics, patterns, notions and quilt kits all across Ontario – even Canada! And if you’re in the Shelburne, Ontario area, you can do Pickup!

Oh and drop us a line if you have any questions! I don’t answer emails after hours (I could be out ATV-ing or Sledding!) but it won’t be long till I get to it!

Thanks so much for checking us out! We super duper appreciate kind words & sharing us with your friends! That way we can keep providing you with inspiration & giggles…❤️



CAO of everything Cobwebs

LPTTNSSP (Loud partner to the not-so-silent partner Deb)

MWFGPITA (Mom, wife, friend & general pain in the ass)

(also unsure why people have all those initials after their names but this was fun….)


Ps see you on the fabric side…..😜