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We are a multi-personality shop…but it’s okay, we’ve got it under control!!!

Quilters, fashionistas, gift givers…..you’ll all enjoy shopping at Cobwebs & Caviar… where not all treasures are hidden! ….and Quilters, check out classes and shop online! Everyone can hear about our great events by subscribing to our newsletter and “friend” us on Facebook to join in all the fun!!!

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3 yard quilts for kids

Featured Product

3 Yard Quilts for Kids

8 great quilt designs for the special young people in your life! Step by step instructions for fun lap-size quilts and twin-size toppers. We’ve even curated some 3 yard bundles with kid-focused fabric!


From the Blog

Backing your Quilting Project

Once you’re done your beautiful quilting project, it's time to sandwich it and get it quilted. Backing…what to do about backing fabric? You can of course go several ways. You could buy more 43-44” wide fabric and piece it to make an appropriate sized backing. This is...

Sewing a Lined Apron … the Cobwebs way!

Welcome to the Pyjama Series, a series of how to videos in my sewing room. We show you some of the little things that we do that are maybe a little different or make your life easier. Today we're going to sew a Lined Apron. Click on the video to watch the whole...

Machine Sewing Your Quilt Binding onto the Quilt

Today we're going to talk about sewing your binding onto your quilt. Doing that final bit of hand binding on the second side only works properly if you've properly done your machine binding of the first side. The binding is the last little bit on the piece of art...

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147 Main Street West, Shelburne, ON L9V 3K3

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