What is a Quilt Along? Well, basically, it’s an informative quilting blog that provides regular tutorials so quilters can complete a project as they follow along. It has a Comment section so quilters can ask questions and share ideas.


triangle frenzy swirl pattern

Introduction to the Frenzy!

Over the next 3 weeks, we will quilt along together, creating triangles from border fabric and swirling them into a small table runner. If you’re keen and want to do a longer one, it’s as easy as adding more triangles and diamonds.

Whenever I see this pattern done up, I love it…but I’ll be honest, I stressed about doing it. Looks SOOOO complicated.

So I hunkered down with our expert sewist, Ann, to walk through the pattern and about halfway through, I had a eureka moment….it’s actually pretty straightforward!

The trickiest part is where to cut your strips and this quilt along will make that part easy too!

The pattern even includes Tips for left handed sewists.

Shopping List

Quilt Alongs, adapting as we are, are as close to classes as we can get right now! And we do them to continue to support our quilters and their passion! They are complimentary with the purchase of the “Triangle Frenzy Swirl” pattern from Cobwebs or a minimal fee of $15. This way, we can continue to offer more of these to our quilting wenches.

To get ready for Week 1, you’ll need these items, all available from Cobwebs – in shop or via our website 


“Triangle Frenzy Swirl” pattern

60° ruler, 12” size (with a point is fine – there will be a Tip on how to use)

1 metre of border fabric


1 metre fabric for backing (* if you are making the small table runner)

1 metre batting (* if you are making the small table runner)

No binding needed! This will be finished “pillow case” style (more on that later)

Thread for piecing

Thread for quilting, coordinated with border and back colours

Scissors (large ones to cut a piece of fabric)

Rotary cutter


(optional) Basting spray

The usual sewing supplies….needle, seam ripper, sewing machine.

*NOTE re fabric for backing and batting: if you plan to make the small table runner, the measurements above will work. If you plan to or might later want to make a longer table runner, then don’t buy the fabric for backing and batting just yet. You can do this after Week 2.

See you on Monday November 9 to start the fun!

And many thanks to our sewist, ANN, who helped us develop this Quilt Along and shared her valuable tips from sewing the store samples.

Quilt Along Timeline

Week 1 (available Mon Nov 9)   Reading and Cutting

Week 2 (available Mon Nov 16) Sewing

Week 3 (available Mon Nov 23) Finishing

Each week’s Quilt Along will take approximately 1-2 hours.

Not purchasing the pattern? Remember to register and pay by popping into shop or clicking here https://cobwebsandcaviar.com/product/table-runner-triangle-frenzy-swirl/