Calling all Quilters and Makers! Here is a table runner project that’s just like candy…you can’t have just one! We don’t think we know anyone who did this pattern and stopped at one. In fact, one person we know has done NINE! Yep, looks complicated but it’s so simple, you’ll just want to keep sewing.

And what a creative use of border fabrics. They’re no longer just to be used on the edges of quilts. And how great to have a smaller sewing project for once. You can actually stay small and make it a place mat, or go big and add more sections for a longer table runner. Here are just a few examples of what our customers have done:

Like all our classes, we film in real time which means you get to see us make mistakes that you can then avoid! For instance, as you’re planning your cutting, some borders would benefit from fussy cutting (as Deb found out ๐Ÿ™ ). 

And although this pattern is easy and well laid out, there are some important tips and visuals are always handy: how to cut the strips, how to make your triangle ruler work best, how to line up properly on the strip. You may notice as you slide along the video scroll bar, we have set up Key Sections. So you can quickly move to the section on cutting piece AB or the part where we show how to line the pieces up. The Key Section headings are also found at the bottom of this post.

Our first tip is always: read through the pattern! Maybe even read through it twice. Just to get a sense of where you’re headed.

How does the online quilt class work? To register, you just buy the “Triangle Frenzy Swirl” pattern and pay $10 for the class. After you register, we’ll send you the link to the Class video. You can then do the class when it’s convenient for you AND go back and review parts as you’re working on the project….BIG advantages of online classes. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.
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Note: a fair bit of time goes into making these class videos so please donโ€™t share the class link with your friends! We think the price is pretty reasonable ๐Ÿ™‚

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If you already have the pattern, you can choose just to pay for the class. Email us at, saying you just need the “Triangle Frenzy Swirl” class, and we will invoice you for the $25 (+tax) then send you the Class link.

Key Sections:
00:00 Intro
03:57 Size choices
04:45 Tips for cutting strips from border fabric
06:10 Preparing your ruler
07:22 Cutting piece A
09:32 Fussy cutting tips
09.34 Cutting piece B and more fussy cutting tips
10:47 Cutting piece AB
12:50 Why read the pattern in advance
15:03 Lining up the pieces
16:47 Sewing the pieces together
21:33 Optional layout