Have you heard about our fun Thursday evening events? At 6.30 pm EST on (most) Thursdays, we click into Facebook Live and our Quilt and Maker customers from all over the place sit down at home with their popcorn, maybe a glass of wine (or two), and join in the fun of the AJ and Deb show! Quite the change from your favourite Netflix series, let me tell you!

What happens at Thursday Sew Down? Well, we show a new fabric line that just came off the truck. Then we select some of our favourites from our existing lines and maybe even put them on sale. Our Short Bolts are a customer fav! These are created by AJ from the last bits of fabric left on a bolt…might be 1.15 metres, might be 2.6 metres, all depends. Then we mark it down because we want it out of our shop and into your house! And look at the cool way they’re packaged…easy storage format when you get it. We also sell quilt and sewing project patterns and books, the odd notion or two, a few kits…. And always always giggles (we don’t sell those, they’re free 🙂 ).

When you come on to the Facebook Live event and say hi, we pop your name into our Draw Pouch and then you have several chances during the event to win a little prize. AND you can make your own pouch later when you buy the cool Clam Up Pouch pattern. In fact, you’ll end up making five pouches in different sizes and they all nest together. Perfect way to use up your scrap bits.

clam up pattern

When you see an quilting or sewing item you want to purchase, you put a short comment on Facebook. But you have to be quick! Lots of others out there, just waiting to snatch up that great item too. Always a bit of cross talk between viewers which is fun. We then invoice you the next day and once you’ve paid, we’ll either ship your order to you OR you can pick it up if you’re in the Shelburne, Ontario area. You can pay with a credit card or an e-transfer. AND we put what’s left on our website at the special pricing until midnight Friday because sometimes you have to think about what you might need.

The whole show lasts about 90 minutes and when AJ pops off the screen to find something, Deb will often have some entertainment, maybe a hand puppet, maybe Elliot the Dancing Elephant, maybe even a card trick. Sounds crazy?? It is…crazy fun! Hope we “see” you one of these Thursdays!