Help Cobwebs and Canadian Quilters’ Association

commemorate Canada’s 150th birthday by making quilts for Ronald McDonald Houses!

Donate a Slab Block between MARCH 1 and MARCH 31 and we’ll REWARD you TWICE!

For each block you bring in, you’ll be entered in a draw for 1 of 3 prizes (gift certificates for $25-$15-$10)

AND the day you bring in your block(s) in March, shop TAX FREE!

Only requirements: it must be a block using the SLAB pattern and it must contain at least one piece of Canada’s 150th fabric…examples here



Start with small bits or big ones, it doesn’t matter.

Include at least one piece of Canada 150th fabric from Northcott, Trend Tex, etc.

Raid your scrap bins and go with what you’ve got. You may want to use like-colours in a slab.

Take two pieces of fabric and sew them together.

Do that a few more times. Then sew more pieces to those first pairs.

Sew groups together.

Add additional pieces of fabric until you can trim to a 12-1/2” square.