Triangle Trimmer – WITH DEMO!


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From Fons & Porter. We LOVE this tool! No more cursing when you’re joining triangles…what’s not to like.

Handy 2 piece set of tools for trimming tips off triangles for more accurate patchwork. Easy to understand directions printed on trimmers. May be used with any size fabric triangle. Non slip back helps keep tools from slipping while using. Set includes one blue and one pink trimmer. You will use the blue one most often. Arrows on the trimmers indicate the usual grain line. Trimmers are not templates but rather guides for trimming the tips of triangles. Always align the long edge of the trimmer with the long edge of the fabric triangle and a short side of the trimmer with a short side of the fabric triangle you will trim. Instructions included with the trimmers.

Here’s a great demo on how this “can’t live without” tool works: