Sewing Machine Maintenance Notions



Maintenance kit: 3 pieces – brush and 2 sizes of screwdriver.
Machine Oil: 15 ml.
Universal Needles: pack of 5.




MAINTENANCE KIT: Keep sewing machines and sergers at peak performance with regular home maintenance. Includes one large screwdriver, cleaning brush and small screwdriver. Use the large screwdriver to loosen and tighten the needle and presser foot screws as well as to unscrew the throat plate for easy removal of the bobbin and bobbin case. Generous sized cleaning brush can be used to clean fluff and debris from the bobbin race and feed dogs. Smaller screw driver can be used to adjust the tension screw on the bobbin case.

SEWING MACHINE OIL: Specially formulated for use on sewing machines. Non-staining and non-gumming to provide best performance. 15 ml.