Every quilt has a story. And as Judy Lyons, Certified Quilt Appraiser, would say: “Your quilt isn’t finished until the label is stitched in place.” and these are her thoughts about labels.
You can have an elaborate label or a simple label. You can photo transfer a picture and your information by entering your data in the computer and printing it on fabric, or simply put your inked information on a piece of muslin. Please remember to heat set the printed information with a hot iron before attaching it to the back left hand side of the quilt.
Like any work of art, you should also sign your label. A well made label will also enhance the value of the quilt.
There are many ways to make a label, but be sure to answer the 5 W’s: who, what, where when, and why, and some of the following information:
. name of the quilt
. name of the maker
. date the quilt was completed
. where the quilt was made
. inspired by
. quilted by (individual or group)
. if being gifted, name of the recipient
. ribbons, awards, or any other pertinent information
. name of the owner of the quilt if different from the maker
. contact information of quilt owner

If you have an antique or vintage quilt that’s not labelled, consider adding a label to it with:
. name of maker (if known)
. date made (if known)
. where made (if known)
. title (if known)

Cobwebs’ “MAKING A LABEL 101”!
Create/design/transfer your label and the information.
making a quilt label
Iron label to a scrap of freezer paper and either trace or hand write the information onto a piece of muslin or a preprinted label (this step is not necessary if using computer transfer paper).
making a quilt label    making a quilt label
Sew fusible interfacing all the way around the label, with right side of fabric on the glue side of interfacing. Put a slit in the back, trim the corners.
making a quilt label   making a quilt label   making a quilt label
Turn right side out and press onto the back of the quilt.

Hand stitch in place.

This is a basic example. Be creative! Add a border to the label first, use a pretty preprinted label, draw on your label…..tell your story.

making quilt labels