Toddlers love to learn, and touch, and chew. This Inspiration covers all those aspects! It’s a soft fabric book with a cute colourful story, that can be popped into the washing machine after the little one has finished touching/reading/chewing it :). The perfect afternoon sewing project for all the makers out there, and a nice change for quilters. This would also be a great project for beginners to try their hand at a simple project that has that cute wow factor.

soft book kit

The Soft Book kit contains the fabric panels with all the story pages, and excellent easy-to-follow instructions, both written and visual. You’ll need some low loft batting; we quite like using Fusible Fleece. And of course coordinating thread, scissors, pins, sewing machine and an iron.

soft book kit soft book kit soft book kit

This is also a project where you can use some fun thread for your topstitching. We used a variegated thread which nicely accented the different page colours. Or what about also doing some outline quilting on the kittens and butterflies? That would also make them pop, a nice accent to the book. We were in a “get it done” frame of mind so we didn’t do that but kinda wished we had now.

soft book kit

Once all the pages are cut and sewn up, it’s worth taking a few minutes to organize the pages in the correct order. And although it looks like it would be a challenge to sew that final middle seam, it went quite easily with a quilting foot on the sewing machine. Don’t forget to backstitch at each end!

soft book kit    soft book kit    soft book kit

Now it’s time to take a coffee or tea break and read the story! Admire your handiwork! Hope you enjoyed the process because that really is what it’s all about!

To get your kit, just click here.