Well today was exciting & I hope you had a chance to check out the pin alert!  I love it! You can throw your pins at it! Brilliant! And it’s easy to find!!! https://cobwebsandcaviar.com/product/3rd-day-pin-alert-pin-holder/

We posted some pics of our pot holders, Harlequin Poppies https://cobwebsandcaviar.com/product-category/quilt-fabric/harlequin-poppies-quilt-fabric/ and Sea Botanica https://cobwebsandcaviar.com/product-category/quilt-fabric/sea-botanica-quilt-fabric/ and Catch of the Day https://cobwebsandcaviar.com/product-category/quilt-fabric/catch-of-the-day/as they are a perfect gift and easy to make which is essential right now! So close to Christmas!!!


The pot holder kits https://cobwebsandcaviar.com/product/pot-holder-kit/ are made up of the batting required and the pattern and it’s hard not to make more than one set once you get started! I made some with some of my friends favourite themes, unicorns, horses & baking!

Off to prepare for tomorrow’s Mistletoe Madness! (And snuggle with our newest family member!)