One of our suppliers was telling us how great this sewing notion is. She said it is the perfect time saver for quilters when doing point to point sewing so we just had to try it out!

We were excited because it is used for half square triangles and flying geese rectangles, both of which are part of our Block of the Month program. Normally, you have to spend time….valuable time that you could be spending sewing!… to draw lines on the back of each square. That always seems like one of those necessary but oh so tedious tasks in a quilting journey. With diagonal seam tape, that time is freed up.

First, you line up the red line on the tape with your machine needle and carefully press the tape in place. Don’t use a skimpy piece of tape as you need to be able to see it at the farthest point from the needle. I did a test run to see if it was properly aligned: I took one square, drew the pencil line, put the flying geese pieces together but sewed using the tape. The pencil line was covered so the tape was perfectly in place…yeah.


Now take your unmarked squares and put them together for either the half square triangle or the flying geese block. Put the front point of the fabric on the red line of the tape. Keep the block straight by following the red line with the end point of the fabric. Done!
Which is great….when you have a block of this type…but that sounds like we wouldn’t necessarily need the tape that often.

Then it dawned on us: what about making those mitred joins for binding and borders? Yep, works like a charm. Fast and accurate! So a handy notion all the time. I was especially happy to be trying the tape out when doing a scrappy binding with lots of joins.

10 yards on a roll so no need to leave it in place all the time.
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