Quilt Along Curvacious

Missing Sewing and Quilting Classes?

Us too! So we came up with different types of Quilt Alongs....classes you can do at your own pace and in your own time schedule. CURVACIOUS is a great small quilting project to try this learning approach. Have fun sewing curves (really!) and end up with a great table...

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Introduction to Curvacious Quilt Along

What is a Quilt Along? Well, basically, it’s an informative quilting blog that provides regular tutorials so quilters can complete a project as they follow along. It has a Comment section so quilters can ask questions and share ideas. Introduction to Curvacious! Over...

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Curvacious Quilt Along – Session 2: Fusing and Sewing

In this session, we'll be working on Assembly Steps 3 to 7. To start….grab a cup of coffee or tea or wine, get seated nice and comfy, and read Steps 3 to 8. A refresher of what we’ll be doing this week! BACK TO WORK! Tips Now’s the time to put your walking foot on...

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JC Saturday, April 11, 2020

You have made a 12 year old beginning sewer very happy with the parcel that you mailed. It arrived today. She has no stash and no UFO,s. She actually was making aprons out of her fathers old jeans.

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