I haven’t blogged in a while. Christmas can be crazy with the gift side of the shop and Covid has made the new year start off with a big whacky bang! We have created a contest for everyone to submit their before and after photos of their sewing studio/room/space/disaster. It’s called “Clean that s$&t up!” Cuz honestly I like incentives! And I hope we are giving you some! You can win a kick a$& light for your space & even gift certificates along the way for tips & hints & accomplishments! I did a Youtube video of my space….it’s quite shameful actually…My chaotic clutter of Covid confusion….and yes I had to thesaurus myself another C word to help with my alliteration Join me on my Covid “coddiwomple”! (Yup I already knew that one but was dying to use it!) Here’s a video of how I organize my projects.