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We are a multi-personality shop

…but it’s okay, we’ve got it under control!!!

Quilters, fashionistas, gift givers…’ll all enjoy shopping at Cobwebs & Caviar

… where not all treasures are hidden! ….and Quilters, check out classes and shop online!

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Bricks & Mortar Shop closed… Online Shop open 24/7!

              Have your order shipped OR pick up in           Shelburne Mondays to Fridays…pickup details will be provided with your order.

From the Blog

Convert Your Linen Closet to a Quilting Project Closet!

I haven’t blogged in a while. Christmas can be crazy with the gift side of the shop and Covid has made the new year start off with a big whacky bang! We have created a contest for everyone to submit their before and after photos of their sewing...

Clean This S#&T Up Contest!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We’re kicking off the year with a "CLEAN THIS S#&T UP CONTEST". Does your sewing room look like this?         You're not alone! Join AJ and Deb as we kick off the New Year by getting our sewing rooms in tiptop shape!!! How...

You can reuse your old Rotary Cutter Blades!

Every quilter hates to throw out that blade that skips or that pin that's no longer sharp. So how great to hear there's a product that gives a second life to your used 45mm rotary blades! The BladeSaver Thread Cutter lets you turn an old rotary blade into a thread...

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147 Main Street West, Shelburne, ON L9V 3K3

Bricks & Mortar Shop closed due to Covid lockdown. Online shop open 24/7!

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