Archive | March, 2013

Spent the last few days with sales reps…searching for more great fabric! It’s so hard to choose between them all!!!!! We have ordered yummy stuff that makes you giggle and smile 🙂 And we are painting over the next couple of days…and cleaning…and painting…and cleaning…

We took possession of the new shop location yesterday! It is soooo exciting to start this new adventure…again!!! So many possibilities…I feel like a little kid at Christmas!!!! Except we are unpacking and opening boxes of stuff to put in the shop!!! We will post pics of our progress…yippeeeeeee (where are we??? oh yeah: 147 […]

This has been a great weekend! All that sunlight!!!! And we have a new home…..bright and spacious and newly renovated! Right here in Shelburne! I will give you all the details in the next couple of days…promise!!!!!

PSSSSSTT. . . .have you heard?????? Your favourite quilt shop will be up and running again VERY VERY VERY VERY SOON!!! Sign up on the right hand side for email updates to keep track of our progress.

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